Junior Statistics

This link below will take you to the MyCricket Statistics information page for age groups U11 upwards.  It is important that coaches and managers ensure that their game results are uploaded to MyCricket within 14 days of the match being completed.  


 Link to MyCricket Stats page for Valley District Cricket Club 


A decision has been made to no longer record formal statistics for our modified cricket age groups (U8-U10). The intent of modified cricket is to ensure that the players are provided with an opportunity to experience and enjoy cricket. The Junior Committee has spent an enormous amount of time over the past couple of seasons having to settle disputes regarding the interpretation of rules and scoring. This fundamentally goes against what our Club is about and the sort of attitudes and environment we aim to promote. We do not have the resources or volunteers to dedicate someone almost full time to the role of statistician. Parents are more than welcome to continue to keep scorebooks, but there will be no requirement to send abstracts in as was previously required. Any questions re this decision can be directed to 








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