Year 2000 Sport Medalists

The Australian Sports Medal was established in the Australian system of formal honours and awards for issue during the year 2000, to coincide with Australia's hosting of the Olympic Games and to commemorate Australian sporting achievement.

The award was created by Letters Patent signed by the Queen of Australia, and was subsequently awarded by the Governor-General.

The purpose of the Medal was to recognise persons who have made a contribution to Australian sport as a current or former participant or through the provision of support services to sport.

The eligibility criteria included: Nominees must be living at the time they are nominated, but can be retired from active participation. Nominators should draw names from the following categories: (i) the icons; (ii) a broad church of those who have been, or are currently: (a) registered competitors or players, (b) members of the support base including, but not limited to, coaches, office holders and administrators, fund raisers, benefactors, etc.

Our nomination list was the result of much research by a sub-committee of our Executive Committee and recognised the contributions of the club's greatest living servants over the last 50 years. Others were nominated who would have been worthy recipients but the club did very well to secure 14 Medals and thanks goes to Queensland Cricket, and our various government representatives, Arch Bevis, Geraldine Knapp, and, Jim Fouras, for their support and assistance.

Our 14 recipients were awarded their medals by the Federal Member for Brisbane, Arch Bevis, at our Annual Reunion Dinner held at Gaythorne RSL Club on Saturday 10th March, 2001.

Our recipients, with just some of their service details as at the year 2000, are listed below:


1.       1.     Easton, Robert Peter


Life Member;  President 1993-present;  Secretary 1962-92;  many other committees & fund raising activities (e.g. Bingo Committee 1972-83); QCA Life Member;  QCA Board Member 1991-present;  QCA Executive Committee Member 1985-91; Delegate to QCA 1962-71, 75-91;  Represented Queensland in 1 First Class match (1 Sheffield Shield match)


2.      Chapman, Walter Gill


Life Member;  President 1992-93;  Vice-President 1999-present;  Asst. Secretary 1968-72, 82-84;  Executive Committee 1966-68, 72-76, 79-82, 93-94;  many other  committees;  coaching assistance;  keeper of club records for  many  years 1969-85, 93-present; etc;  VDCC's all-time leading run-scorer and match-player.QCA Grade Committee 1982-84; Delegate to QCA 1966-68, 72-76, 79-84, 93-94


3.      Stoddart, Jonathan Mark


Life Member;  Executive Chairman 1997-present;  Secretary 1992-95, 98-present;  Asst. Secretary 1985-92;  many other committees and fund raising activities; keeper of club records 1985-93;  etc;Delegate to QCA 1986-95, 97-present


4.      Hickey, Damian Kevin


Asst. Secretary 1993-2000;  Selection Committee Chairman 1993-2000;  other committees;  etc, QCA Grade Committee 1996-98;  Delegate to QCA 1993-00


5.      Walker, David Llewellyn


Life Member;  Executive Committee 1987-92;  Junior Management Committee 1993-present;  many years of coaching our Under 18 and Under 16 Grades as well as coaching Saturday morning junior teams (also at The Gap Pastime Club prior to VDCC);  Juniors Statistician and keeper of records 1993-2000;  etc;Service to BNJCA committees and coaching of junior representative teams


6.      Vidler, Francis Arthur     


Life Member;  Patron 1997-99;  Asst. Secretary 1962-68;  Executive Committee 1957-62, 76-77, 91-92;  many other committees; etc; Delegate to QCA 1957-62, 64-65


7.      Dudgeon, Keith Edward


Life Member;  Executive Committee 1972-74, 77-81;  considerable coaching assistance;  many other committees; club sponsor and supporter for many years; etc; Represented Queensland in 41 First Class matches (37 Sheffield Shield matches)


8.      Kirkman, Donald George


Life Member;  Treasurer 1961-72, 83-85;  heavily involved in the administration of the club during the aforementioned 13 years.


9.      Leggat, Colin  Richard     


Life Member;  Executive Committee 1966-71, 82-83;  heavily involved in many other committees & fund raising tasks;  sponsor various years;  coaching;  etc


10.    Francke, Frederick Malcolm


Life Member;  Treasurer 1973-82;  involved in other committees;  coaching assistance;  etc;  VDCC's leading First Grade wicket-taker Represented Queensland in 55 First Class matches (49 Sheffield Shield matches)


11.    Irwin, Mark Boyd


Life Member;  Treasurer 1998-present;  Asst. Secretary 1984-85;  Executive Committee 1981-82, 83-84, 90-92;  Seniors Statistician 1984-85, 90-92, 98-present;  many other committees; etc


12.    Trivett, Geoffrey Donald


 Life Member;  Vice-President 1998-present;  Executive Committee 1979-80, 96-97;  many other committees and fund raising activities e.g. Major Sponsor  negotiator last 6 years 1994-present, Golf Day Committee last 5 years 1994-99, coaching assistance;  etc


13.    Reeves, Ian John


Life Member;  Executive Committee 1992-present;  Chairman Junior Management Committee 1994-present;  coaching assistance for VDCC junior teams;  administrative and coaching assistance to BNJCA;  other committees; etc Delegate to QCA 1994-present


14.    Henschell, Allan Brett


Life Member;  Executive Committee 1988-93;  First Grade Captain 7 years;  coaching assistance;  many other committees e.g. Golf Day Committee;  etc;   VDCC's leading First Grade run-scorer and second highest wicket-taker.Represented Queensland in 66 First Class matches (60 Sheffield Shield matches);  QCA Grade Committee 1992-93


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