Information for Coaches and Managers

Rules and scoring


A Scoring Guide is available.  Paper Scorebooks are included in your team kits.


MyCricket Live Scorer is the preferred App used by the Club for scoring

The MyCricket Scoring App is free and provides a user friendly way to score games electronically. 

Electronic scoring is not compulsory.  If you wish to continue using scorebooks that is okay!  However, you will need to transfer the information from the scorebook into MyCricket within 7 days of the completion of the match.



Information provided by Queensland Cricket re using the App:


 One Page Guide

 Training Presentation from Qld Cricket

Setting up Junior players and teams

Scoring Scenarios document

Facebook MyCricket Peer Support Page

Saturday Help Desk Number if having any issues with the App:   Phone 1800 274 25 38



Blue Card and Member Protection Declaration Forms

Blue Card Application Form 

Member Declaration Form 2019

Blue Card Exemption Form 2019

Blue Card Link Application Form 2019 (this form is to be completed by applicants/cardholders who have applied for, or hold a blue/exemption card to advise they are undertaking child-related activities with a new or additional organisation.  Example, you may hold a Blue Card for the soccer or rugby club where you coached, and you now wish to register that you are coaching a team at VDCC



 Training session times

U8, U9 and U10

All training sessions for entry level age groups are conducted at the Club's grounds.

Under 8s on Mondays from 5.00-6.00pm  
Under 9s on Tuesdays from 5.00-6.00pm   
Under 10s on Mondays from 6.15-7.15pm.   

Coaching assistance

Many of the documents below apply to all age groups.  Some deal with technique, while others provide guidance on how to run a successful training session.

Coaching assistance is available at scheduled training nights, so make sure that you approach these coaches if you have any questions.

Coaches may find the following useful in assisting your teams in building confidence, motivation and concentration.




The NXcricket cricket score book app is available for purchase on ipad, iphone and ipod touch.  I believe it’s around $9 through the app store.


NXcricket is a really user friendly scoring app.  It summarises all information entered to really simplify the process for Coaches and Managers to then enter data into MyCricket (requirement for U11 and up age groups).  Additionally, it has the capacity to email all results and stats to each team member after the game.  There are a heap of others interesting features of this app including – score projection, run rate required, worm and wagon wheel diagrams to name but a few.

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