Academy Dates & Prices for 2017/18

Welcome Back. We are at the start of another very exciting cricket season with our Academy commencing its 2017-2018 programs. The Academy is in its 3 Read more


Top Performers VDCC U11 and up

1 Usman T Khawaja162my FootDr First Grade Competition4
2 Lachlan D Pfeffer158my FootDr First Grade Competition12
3 Andrew J Gode152my FootDr First Grade Competition8
4 Lachlan D Pfeffer150my FootDr First Grade Competition6
5 Jacques Badenhorst141Alan Pettigrew Shield [2nd]9
6 Andrew J Gode139my FootDr First Grade Competition1
7 Joshua M Dascombe127my FootDr First Grade Competition11
8 Stephen Gill123WEP Harris Shield [6th]4
9 Andrew J Gode120my FootDr First Grade Competition18
10 Daniel G Larke113Bob Spence Shield [4th]3

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