Academy Xmas Camps

Registrations are now open for our Valley Cricket Academy December Holiday Camp. Dedicated boys and girls programs available. Click here to register. Read more

All Abilities Program - Rego's now open

Our first all abilities program is now taking registrations. The program is proudly sponsored by our friends at Ashgrove/The Gap Lions Club and is free Read more


Top Performers VDCC U11 and up

1 Nick G Stevens145Bulls Masters First Grade Competition4
2 Luke R Stutter136Alan Pettigrew Shield [2nd]9
3 Shane S Kabel135Alan Pettigrew Shield [2nd]QF
4 Patrick M Horgan121Roy Tanner Shield [5th]2
5 Jakub J Bennett120Open Forrest3
6 Lachlan D Pfeffer119Bulls Masters First Grade Competition3
7 Michael J Toolis116Alan Pettigrew Shield [2nd]QF
8 James A Brandon114Under 13 Henschell3
9 James J Hicks113WEP Harris Shield [6th]2
10 Thomas I Fischer113Open Forrest3

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